The Plan

This is what we hope and plan to achieve together with a summary of progress towards that goal.

'The Vision'

Sounds a bit grand to be talking about a 'vision' but hopefully you find it helpful to see what we want to achieve and have it laid out in black and white!

“Within three years to have a profitable, community owned brewery established in the Peebles area creating a range of beers in a number of styles. The brewery will be socially responsible, connected to the community and making a valuable contribution to local life”.

Provided funds allow we will build a 6bbl (barrel brew length) brew house that can brew around 1,700 pints in a full brew and produce both cask-conditioned and bottled-conditioned ales and lagers. We'll brew to a variety of strengths, colours, tastes and hoppiness with some ales as seasonal variants (eg a 'winter warmer' or mild for Camra's 'Mild May' festival) as well as some that we hope will become regular favourites.

Current status, where are we now

We are well advanced in developing the plans – we know what brewery plant and other equipment we require and have potential suppliers lined up, outline costing done, draft brewery layout done and target markets identified.

Main activities now centre on two items:

  • Raising funds to enable the project to begin to make investment decisions, place orders etc. We have got a lot done to date, but now capital is needed to progress to making the project real. This share offer and applications for available grants are the primary source of funds.
  • Identify the premises to be used – there are two possible options currently under active consideration, both seem to be satisfactory. Both will require some site preparation work, planning and environmental health criteria to be met and other issues to be resolved.

Other current activity includes creating a fully functioning commercial organisation from a standing start, including company creation, bank accounts, the creation of the 'brand identity' through design work, web-pages, Facebook, email and further promotional material.