The notion for the Freewheelin' Brewery arose from a chance conversation at a local 'Whipman' party.

“The village should have a brewery! Tell you what you should do – offer shares to everyone in the village, that way everyone will have a stake in it and you've got hundreds of advocates promoting their local brewery".
That's where it started and now we are on the edge of a great adventure!

Why offer this investment opportunity?

Lots of reasons, Peebles and its surrounding villages need a local brewery, people would like the chance to be part-owner of one, and a reasonable amount of startup funds are required to get one started.

Put those together and the obvious solution is this share offer. Doing it this way means that:

  • No one person is too financially exposed,
  • Lots of people with a stake means lots of advocates promoting it, and a greater chance of being successful,
  • Alternative investment opportunities are giving a poor rate of return (e.g. ISAs!!), so investing in something socially useful, enjoyable and with a chance of reasonable return is a good option,
  • Having a local project like the brewery fosters a sense of community spirit and pride,
  • People get a chance to help decide what gets brewed.

A brewery costs a bit to get started but once established the equipment that should have an effective working life well in excess of 10 years (and hence a resale value that depreciates little year to year). Items like transport and casks can be expected to last three-four years (replacements will be budgeted for) and only bottles and initial supplies of brewing materials represent an recurring expense.

So starting a brewery needs an initial capital investment which need not be repeated for many years, with running costs amply covered by sales. We also expect to fund any expansion and replacement of equipment without requiring further investment from shareholders.